‘Ireland’s neutrality is being made a mockery of enough with the use of Shannon airport by US military, now we have weapons systems used by those same powers who have took part in illegal wars and occupations will be tested on Irish territory’




Plans are underway to turn Ireland into a testing ground for military weapons it has been revealed. Minister of Defence, Simon Covney  revealed plans to turn Ireland into a testing ground for new weapon systems will see greater access for the international Defense industry to test new weapons guidance systems and drones, he outlined the plans in a conference with journalists.


Ireland has for a long time been used as a testing ground for foreign military powers and intelligence agencies, namely being the UK. Not only has Ireland been a long time testing ground by the UK but it has also been another stop off point for the US military as they fly on to fight wars in such places as Iraq and Afghanistan.


A great percentage of the Irish people North and South are against the wars, occupations and human rights abuses committed by these powers and rightly so, the Irish government on the other hand have been well known for their immoral stances in regards to the illegal wars, occupations and abuses.


It’s clear that the Irish people stand to gain nothing from this decision to allow greater access to its territory by foreign corporations and powers.


Gerard Dinnen