EU, US and NATO are preparing a media offensive against Russia inside Russia. The alliance aim to operate propaganda against the Russian government. This will also reduce the likelihood that independent media will thrive in Russia.




The «Strategic Communication Team East», as this operation is called», has already «reached its full staffing levels» as of 1 September 2015, according to the German federal government.


Critical voices against this proposal are arising from within the European Union — especially in Germany’s Left Party. … 


Member of the Bundestag Andrej Hunko, from the Left Party, said:


«The new proposal is an affront to Russia. The media force will be subordinate to the Foreign Service, and thus to the EU’s military arm»…


Parliamentarian Alexander S. Neu, also from the Left, says:


«The EU member states don’t only build, with NATO’s help, Russian-language media in the eastern EU Member States, as is happening with the television station ETV + in Estonia. In addition, there are clear indications that even Russian free media are being funded [infiltrated] directly. The EU and NATO, the propaganda program against Russia, will be extended with the start of the operation. The EU Member States already finance non-governmental media in Russia, and this means that they intervene directly in the media landscape of Russia. Russian perspectives are now to be neutralized with counter-perspectives, foreign propaganda. The expected communication offensive poses a real danger that the relationship between the Western countries and Russia will become even more confrontational than it already is. The logical reaction of Russia will be to outlaw the foreign financing of free media».


Hunko then adds:


«Now the media and members of civil society will also be invited to this backroom politics of propaganda. It is extremely dangerous if governments and military try to gain information superiority and pretend that propaganda, even when and if it’s against propaganda, is instead news-reporting, not propaganda itself. It is particularly problematic when the ‘Strategic Communications Team East’ as described by the Foreign Office, even poke at youngsters. Instead of continuing to rely on media tutelage, the EU needs to reconsider its policy towards Russia fundamentally. To say it with the words of former EU Commissioner Günter Verheugen: Peace is possible only if no one wants to dominate the other. This also applies to the media front, Russia, the US and the EU alike».


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