Tehran — Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad discussed on Tuesday with Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister for the Arab and African Affairs Hussein Amir Abdullahian the continuation of the consultation and coordination between Syria and Iran regarding issues of mutual interest and countering terrorism.




Talks during the meeting touched upon the latest developments on the Syrian arena and the exerted efforts for fighting terrorism, in addition to the latest developments in light of Vienna Conference on Syria.


The Iranian proposal regarding the political track in Syria was also on the table.


Dr. Mikdad said in statements to journalists after the meeting that the Syrian- Iranian relations are strategic, strong and solid, adding that they require consultations and more coordination and cooperation measures particularly in matters concerning the two sides.


About what is being said on a “transitional phase” in Syria, al-Mikdad emphasized that this only exists in the minds of patients, there is no transitional phase and there are official establishments continuing their work, adding that we talk about a national dialogue, broad government and a constitutional process and we don’t talk about a transitional phase affirming that those who say this should stop it.


Al-Mikdad stressed that President Bashar al-Asad is the legitimate president elected by the Syrian people and all must respect this will.