In this picture released by the office of Iranian supreme leader, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaks in a meeting with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and the country’s diplomats in Tehran, Iran, Sunday, November 1, 2015.


Ayatollah Ali Khamenei


Leader’s address focused on expounding “foreign policy principles well-documented in the Constitution and the requirements emanating from these principles, ‘ and Iran’s ‘principled and solid” solutions to important issues in the region notably in Syria, Yemen, and Bahrain.


Top diplomats from 17 countries, as well as the United Nations and the European Union, had gathered in Austria, seeking to narrow divisions over Syria’s civil war, which has killed more than 250,000.


“The Americans are trying to impose their own interests, not resolve issues, 60 or 70 percent through negotiations and the rest through illegal actions”.


Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s website on Sunday quotes him as advising authorities to “be watchful about irregular imports after lifting sanctions and seriously avoid importing consumer goods from the United States”.


The USA joined Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia and other countries in a new round of Syria talks in Vienna on Friday.


Zarif, who represented Iran in the talks in Vienna, also held a bilateral meeting there the day before with Secretary of State John Kerry.


The Leader also pointed to the war in Syria which has entered its four year, saying holding elections is the solution to the Arab country’s conflict.


Khamenei also took aim at wider U.S. policy in the Middle East. “This is a unsafe initiative which no country in the world would accept to be done for itself”. “The main reason for regional insecurity is the USA support for the Zionist regime and terrorist groups, and these policies are 180 degrees different from those of the Islamic Republic”, he said.


A halt to support for rebels could ensure “Syrian people elect whoever they want in a safe and peaceful environment”, Khamenei said, without mentioning Iran’s support for Assad.


“Americans want to impose their views rather than solve problems”, he said.


-On Iraq, Khamenei said he strongly opposes any move to divide the country into Shi’ite, Sunni and Kurdish regions.