Provinces — The Syrian army and armed forces continued combating the terrorist organizations Tuesday killing a number of their members in Homs province, destroying their dens, positions and hotbeds in other areas.






25 ISIS terrorists killed


A unit of the army and armed forces carried out a special operation against a position of the ISIS terrorists near Maheen town in the southeastern countryside of the central Homs province, a military source told SANA on Tuesday.


The source added that more than 25 of ISIS terrorists were killed and 6 of their machinegun-equipped vehicles were destroyed, in addition to amounts of arms and ammunition that were in their possession.


Meanwhile, the Syrian army air force destroyed fortifications and hotbeds of ISIS terrorists in al-Qaryatain city, Maheen town and the villages of al-Hadath and al-Hafr in the province countryside.




42 terrorists killed including leaders


In Aleppo, the source added that the Syrian army air force destroyed dens and positions of ISIS terrorists in the villages of al-Miflsa, Um Arklia and Kwaires Sharqi in the countryside of the northern province.


Meanwhile, terrorist organizations acknowledged on their social media pages on Tuesday the killing of 42 terrorists, among them 4 self-claimed leaders in army units’ operations in the southern countryside of Aleppo province.


The terrorist organizations pointed out the killing of the so-called military leader on Ahrar al-Sham Movement nicknamed Abu Ali al-Noua’imi,a leader in Omar al-Farouq brigade, affiliated to the Movement, nicknamed Oqba Abu Ahmad, the military leader of Aleppo brigade Saleh Sandeh, and field leader of al-Jabha al-Shamiyeh nicknamed Abdullah al- Ramleh.


The terrorist organizations also posted the names of a number of their dead terrorists in addition to the names of 25 leaders and members of the so-called Jaish al-Islam terrorist organization.


Damascus countryside


A woman was killed and other civilians were injured in terrorist mortar attack in Damascus countryside.


A source at Damascus countryside Police Command told SANA that terrorists positioned in Eastern Ghota fired a mortar shell on Block B4  in Harasta Suburb, killing a woman and injuring others, in addition to causing a material damage in the place.