Provinces — Units of the army and the armed forces, backed by the army air force, on Monday continued to launch wide-scale military operations against dens and positions of the Takfiri terrorist organizations across the country, killing scores of their members and destroying their arms and equipment.




Deir Ezzor


The Syrian army air force carried out a number of airstrikes against dens and positions of ISIS terrorists to the north of Muhassan city and the villages of al-Jaffra, al-Mrai’yia and Hwaijet al-Mrai’yia in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor province, a military source told SANA said.


A number of the ISIS terrorists were killed in the strikes and their vehicles were destroyed along with amounts of arms and ammunition that were in their possession.


A number of vehicles and equipment belonging to the ISIS terrorists were also destroyed and scores of them were killed in airstrikes carried out by the Syrian army air force against their hotbeds in the neighborhoods of al-Hweiqa and al-Hamidyia in Deir Ezzor city.




The Syrian army air force carried out during the past 24 hours a number of sorties on the dens, headquarters and movement axes of ISIS terrorist organization in the villages and towns of tal Souseen, Hazwan, al-Taibeh, Wadeeaa, Tadef, al-Radwaniyeh, Jeb al-Safa, al-Sheikh Ahmad, Rasm al-Abed and Um Argeeleh in the eastern and northern countryside of Aleppo province, the military source added .


A number of ISIS terrorists were killed in the air strikes and many dens and vehicles, some of them equipped with various machineguns, were destroyed.


Meanwhile, terrorist organizations admitted on their social media pages the killing of terrorists “Abu Mua’az al-Sham” the military leader in “Sraya al-Tawheed and al-Jihad” affiliated to Jabht al-Nusra terrorist organization in addition to “Abu Adam” and “Ashraf Jumaa a-Mhayer” the field commander and the leader in Ahrar al-Cham terrorist group.




ISIS terrorist organization detonated a booby-trapped car on the road of al-Salaliyeh /Hasaka in the eastern countryside of the province,SANA reporter said.




The army artillery carried out concentrated bombardments against dens of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the surroundings of Ovania village and the forests of Tranja and Jibbat al-Khashab in the northern countryside of the southern Quneitra province, field sources told SANA Monday.


The sources added that a number of terrorists were killed and their arms, ammunition, and military equipment were destroyed in the bombardments.


Meanwhile, a unit of the army, in cooperation with the popular defense groups in Khan Arnaba, destroyed one of the terrorists’ cars loaded with arms and ammunition on the axis of al-Hamidyia- Jibbat al-Khashab, the sources said.