Ukraine is holding captive at least 1,354 residents of Donetsk People’s Republic, the DPR human rights ombudswoman Darya Morozova told journalists today.


“As of today, 1,354 people are officially registered as prisoners held by Ukraine. But the real number may be much higher. There are separate lists of people, who are registered as missing. There are 480 of them. We don’t know anything about these people. According to the exchanged prisoners I talked with today, there are thousands of people in the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) basements, whom the Ukrainian side doesn’t register as prisoners. We’re currently preparing lists of such people in order to register them as missing,” – Darya Morozova said.


Earlier, Ukraine and the People’s Republics held a cartel under the 9 for 11 formula. Representatives of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics handed over nine people to the Ukrainian side. Kiev released 11 prisoners of war.