Turkey «will do everything necessary» to prevent the creation of US-backed Syrian Kurds autonomy in the border town of Tel Abyad, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to him, measures may include the conduction of military operations. 


Ankara believes that the Kurds statement, led by the Syrian Kurdish party «Democratic Union» (PYD), on the autonomy of Tel Abyad is a threat to Turkey’s national security. 


Turkey is involved in the military operations against the terrorist group «Islamic State» in Syria as part of a coalition led by the United States.


The situation in Turkey has been deteriorated since July 20, after organized by the «Islamic state» terrorist attack on the border with Syria and killings of police officers in south-eastern provinces. Just within the last three months the victims of Kurdish militants were more than 150 police officers, military and civilians. Turkish Air Force fighters from July 24, attack KWP positions in the southeastern provinces of Turkey and in northern Iraq.