Moscow — Members of the Russian Parliamentary delegation, who visited Damascus early this week warned against the dangers of press misleading practices carried out by Western media against Syria and Russia, alike.




“The meeting with President Bashar al-Assad was very important in the sense that it included clarifications that shed light on the reality of the Syrian official stance which welcomes any constructive initiative to overcome terrorism and preserve Syria’s territorial integrity,” Alexander Yoshenko, member of the Russian Duma Council told SANA correspondent in Moscow.


He added that members of the delegation had spoken with a lot of Syrians who were thankful for the Russian humanitarian and military assistance.


Yoshenko was confident the land process being carried out by the Syrian army would increase, give fruits and pave the way for a peaceful process.


Dmitri Sablin, for his part, said the situation in Damascus was better than before, as “our concern was concentrated on the consolations and talks with the political leaders in Syria to feel that atmosphere which was created by the Russian airstrikes.”


Sergei Gavrilov also echoed the same comments, adding that “Russia’s stance is unchanged, which is committed to a sovereign, independent Syria and this is very important.”