Militants of the terrorist group «Islamic State»* have blown up three ancient columns in the city of Palmyra in the north-eastern Syria. This is with reference to the Lebanese newspaper «An-Nahar» reported RIA News.


According to the Turkish publication Daily Sabah, before exploding the antiquities, terrorists rope on to the columns arrested people. 


«ISIS militants rope on three men whom they had arrested in Palmyra and the surrounding areas, to the columns and blew them up».


At the same time the media did not specify to what kind of era belong the monuments and the reasons for such a cruel punishment of detainees.


Recall, that wasn’t the first ancient monument, which was destroyed by terrorists. In October, extremists from the «Islamic state» blew up ancient triumphal arch in Palmyra, older than 2 thousand years. In September terrorists wiped off the face of the earth three funerary tower tombs in the Valley. Prior to that, in Syria ISIS destroyed two ancient temples and other unique historical and cultural monuments.




Palmyra came under the control of the «Islamic state» in the middle of May 2015. Before leaving the city, the Syrian army has evacuated most of its inhabitants and took out the most valuable artifacts from the Central Museum.


Ruins of Palmyra are one of six UNESCO World Heritage sites in Syria. According to organization’s CEO Irina Bokova, the militants in the Middle East are carrying out «cultural cleansing», because they believe that the ancient buildings are contrary to the laws of Islam.


* «Islamic State» is a terrorist organization prohibited in the Russian Federation.