Fifteen police officers and 24 civilians sought medical attention during a protest of the opposition forces in the capital of Montenegro, when law enforcement officers used lethal weapons to disperse the demonstrators, stated the head of Montenegrin MIA Rasko Konjevic during the emergency press conference.


He noted that most of the civilians were affected by the chemicals that «police had to use to respond the violence that occurred near the Montenegrin parliament».


According to him, the use of special equipment was necessary «to protect public property and establish law and order». Later, after the dispersion of demonstrators outside the parliament building, according to Konjevic, hooligans began to resist actively to law enforcers in other parts of the city.


On Saturday evening, a coalition of opposition «Democratic Front» during protest movements demanded the resignation of Milo Djukanovic’s Cabinet of Ministers, which is in power for over 20 years. On the morrow of the main part of the rally, which bore the peaceful nature, well-known politicians Andrija Mandic, Nebojsa Medojevic, and several opposition MPs went to the police cordon, demanding to allow them to pass on their workplaces.


The requirement was not fulfilled, after which the MPs were waiting for permission to pass. Simultaneously near the cordons remained a significant number of participants. Some of them began to provoke law enforcement officers, throwing various objects at cordons. Later, the police dispersed the demonstrators.