The hacker organization «CyberBerkut» announced on disclosuring of corruption schemes of arms trading, in which involved top management of Ukraine, including Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.




A few days ago, hackers broke into the email of the Polish arms company «Level 11» head Paul Witold Kzhykovskyy. Materials found there formed the core of the investigation.





According to these documents, «Level 11» supplies military products to Ukraine through state-owned scientific and industrial association «Fort», located in Vinnitsa and included in the structure of the Interior Ministry. The head of the institution is Major General Viktor Pisarenko.




«On the Ukrainian market the company was led by minister Avakov and his staff adviser MP Anton Gerashchenko. Council of National Security and Defense Alexander Turchynov contributed to this, — the hackers report says. — However, Kzhykovskyy doesn’t have the direct access to the National Security Council. As can be seen from the post of the Polish businessman, his company’s interests in Ukraine were lobbied by Anton Gerashchenko».





In the correspondence of the Polish company’s head, hackers also found a contract for the supply of 265 twin 23 mm caliber anti-aircraft installations ZU-23-2 in the amount of more than € 14 million, which, as stated in the contract, were designed for the needs of the National Guard of Ukraine.




However, according to «CyberBerkut» in one of the contracts between the «Level 11» and «Fort» associate contractor Blessway Ltd company — the supply of weapons to Saudi Arabia, among other items were also found 265 twin 23 mm caliber anti-aircraft installations ZU-23- 2.





«It would seem, what does it have to do with «Level 11», Blessway Ltd, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, Gerashchenko and Avakov? In fact, everything is simple. Firstly, the director of the Cypriot company Blessway Ltd Vasil Babitsky is a citizen of Ukraine, — explained in the message of hackers. — Secondly, at the same time he holds the position of the «Level 11» company’s vice president».





«As a result, a circle has been closed: Babitsky and Kzhykovskyy sell each other weapons with an enormous cheat through Ukraine, and the company Pisarenko-Gerashchenko-Avakov are «mastering» with the Western financial assistance for security sector reforms, in addition getting kickbacks from the Lords of War», — sums up the message.