Petition in support of the «Freeport» establishment in Odesa region poll over 25 thousand votes


A petition to support the establishment of «freeport» in Odesa region received more than 25 thousand signatures.


The petition is posted on the website of the Ukrainian president.


MP Sergey Kivalov, the author of the petition, said that Ukrainian President is obliged to respond to Odesa region residents initiative with respect to obtaining the status of «freeport»:


«On September 21, I posted a petition on President’s website on the adoption of «freeport» status for Odesa region. Currently, the petition poll the necessary 25,000 votes and even more. Thus, this petition should be considered by the President of Ukraine. We are all waiting for a response and support from Petro Poroshenko».


Kivalov says «freeport» will allow the region to increase significantly the volume of investments and improve the welfare of Odesa citizens.


In February this year activists of the public movement «Odesa — for freeport» collected more than 40 thousand signatures in support of the «Freeport» establishment. In addition, «freeport» project has found support in the Ukrainian parliament, in particular, in mid-October, MP Eugene Muraev registered a bill on «freeport» zone in Odesa.