Tents have been torched at a transit camp in Slovenia, allegedly by migrants angry at how they are being treated.



They torched the tents at the camp in Brezice to protest at the slow process of registering them and moving them to the Austrian border, witnesses said.


They have also complained of a lack of food, water and blankets in the camp.


Thousands of migrants continue to pour through the western Balkans and the leaders of those countries have been summoned to a special EU meeting.


The European Commission said President Jean-Claude Juncker had called Sunday’s meeting because «there is a need for much greater cooperation, more extensive consultation and immediate operational action» to deal with what it called «the unfolding emergency».


Last week Hungary closed its border with Croatia and Serbia and refused to let any more migrants cross, citing security concerns. As a result, the migrants have been diverted to Slovenia on their way to western Europe.


Slovenia says it has been overwhelmed by the nearly 20,000 migrants that have arrived since Friday. It had said it could only take 2,500 migrants a day.


The Slovenian army and the police are working to manage the flow, but aid agencies have been warning of dire conditions as bottlenecks develop at border crossings along the route, just as temperatures are beginning to drop.


But there is no sign that the numbers of migrants and refugees is slowing.


A number of boats carrying around 140 people, including children, arrived at the RAF base at Akrotiri in Cyprus on Wednesday morning.