Ukraine ranks first in the list of the poorest countries of Europe with the welfare of the average adult with $ 1 437. This is according to the rating of Swiss bank Credit Suisse.


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The second line takes Belarus with $ 1 551, the third — Moldova with $ 3 104. The study states that the data on the countries of Eastern Europe is very limited, so the figures may differ from the actual.


Ranking leader is Switzerland, where the average income of adult is $ 576 thousand. Then goes Iceland, Norway, United Kingdom, Sweden and Luxembourg, in which the welfare of an adult citizen is above $ 300 thousand.


Recall, the minimum wage in Ukraine is 1 378 UAH, or € 55 at the NBU rate.


For comparison: the minimum wage in Poland is € 410. In the poorest country in the EU Bulgaria — € 185. Among the candidate countries for EU membership the lowest level of the minimum wage is in Albania — € 157.