Refugee center in the Munkedals kommun (Västra Götaland city in the west of Sweden) was caught in fire this morning. Police suspect arson.


«The fire didn’t start in a natural way», — said the representative of the regional police Anki Larsson.


Hot spot was in the wing. 14 migrants living there were transferred to the main building. None of them wasn’t badly injured. Police cordoned off the scene and launched a technical investigation.


Over the last year this is the tenth case of arson in asylum for refugees in the Kingdom. The police, for example, investigating the relationship between the three fires that occurred last week. On Saturday night, burned down a former school building in the Kungsbacka kommun (Halland province in the southwest of Sweden), which was planned to provide for refugees reception. The day before that there was another arson of former school — in the Ljungby kommun (south of the country), which also had to be open as a point for refugees. Last Wednesday, burned down barracks in Arlöv (southern province of Skåne), in which local authorities have organized accommodation center for adolescent migrants arriving to Sweden without parents. 


Against the background of reports, Umeå kommun (northern Sweden) authorities announced that they would no longer inform the public about where will place the centers of refugees reception.


This year in Sweden with a population of 9.5 million people have already came 95.4 thousand of migrants. As announced PM Stephen Leven, this number may reach 150 thousand. This is the highest figure in Europe per capita.