In Bulgaria had passed series of actions supporting the Russian Federation, entitled «Russia in Syria». It should be noted that the organizers didn’t face with problems in obtaining permission from the authorities.


So, on October 18, was planned a rally near the US Embassy, a permission from the Sofia municipality also was obtained.


Meanwhile, an activist reported News Front that behind the scenes the US citizens are advised not to be in the area of the US Embassy before and during the event (without mentioning the direct participation in the action), as it is expected that «events intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence».


«You should avoid areas of demonstrations and exercise caution if in the vicinity of any large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations», — said the message.


You can make a conclusion of biased attitude of the US Embassy in Sofia to demonstrations in favor of Russia, and shouldn’t be expected a fair presentation of the Russian special operations in Syria by US citizens located in Bulgaria.