Army kills ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor, others in Aleppo


Provinces – The army’s continued operations against terrorist organizations are resulting in more deaths among the terrorists’ ranks, in addition to the destruction of their hideouts and heavy armaments.




Deir Ezzor


An army unit clashed with ISIS terrorists who attacked the Ceramic Factory in al-Mrei’iyeh village in eastern Deir Ezzor province, field sources told SANA.


Three of the terrorists were killed, while the rest managed to flee, the sources said.


Another army unit destroyed vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns belonging to ISIS terrorists in the village of Ayyash, Huweijeh, al-Mrei’iyeh, al-Jafra and in the surroundings of Deir Ezzor military airport.


ISIS terrorists positioned in al-Sheikh Yassin neighborhood on the eastern outskirts of Deir Ezzor city suffered heavy losses upon in personnel and equipment.




Army units killed 20 terrorists in Kaferkar and destroyed an ammunition dump and a locally-made (hell) cannon in al-Mash’had in Aleppo province.