ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Kurdish migrants imprisoned in a Hungarian jail are calling on international organizations to help free them.



“We live in a miserable condition in Hungary. There are no safety measures for our lives, [therefore] we call on international organizations to help free us from here,” Baran Rabi, one of the prisoners, told Rudaw Tuesday by phone.


“There are 280 prisoners, including 140 Kurdish migrants imprisoned at the jail. They do not free us or deport us to Serbia from where we stumbled into Hungary,” Rabi said.


Rabi called on international organizations to help them, and said more information on their plight can be found by calling 003642281076.


In an earlier phone call with Rudaw, a Kurdish migrant named Kawa who now lives in Istanbul said he along with 29 other Kurdish migrants imprisoned in Greece were brutally treated by the Greek policemen at a jail. He said he was lucky to be alive after an ordeal of beatings and humiliation at the hands of Greek police.


“The jail was very small. They put all of us in a room with another 20 people who were there before us. There was a very dirty toilet and nobody could stand the smell in the room. There was no light, and when we were eating food the leftovers would be left in the room,” Kawa told Rudaw.


On Sunday, a group of 50 Kurdish migrants arrived in Erbil from Germany where they had voluntarily asked authorities to deport them back to Kurdistan. They said it was more comfortable living in Kurdistan, according to Ido Khider, a Yezidi Kurd who spoke to Rudaw.