The Prosecutor-General’s Office of Ukraine doesn’t have data on Russian imprint on people deaths on Independence Square in Kiev in 2014.


This was stated by a prosecutor general of Ukraine Viktor Shokin in an interview with Ukrainian media:


«Now I don’t have data that the shooting of «heavenly hundred» (dead on Maidan) is a Russian imprint», — said Shokin. «From the materials we now possess, it is impossible to make such a conclusion. Not because we can not or do not want to prove it, we just have no reason to talk about it today».


Shokin reminded about alleged Russian imprint in tragic events in Kiev in winter 2014 said the former head of the Security Service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaychenko. «Nalyvaychenko said at that time some Russian official was in Kiev, and gave the command to fire on protesters. I asked Nalyvaychenko to give us at least some documents confirming that. But we still don’t have them», — said Shokin.