Drone of unknown nationality reportedly brought down almost two miles inside Turkish air space, with military saying it issued three warnings before firing


Turkish air force jets


Turkish warplanes shot down an unidentified drone inside Turkish air space near the Syrian border on Friday, a senior government official said.


The military said earlier in a statement that it had shot down an unidentified aircraft after issuing three warnings, in line with the Nato member’s rules of engagement.


Broadcaster NTV said the drone, with unidentified nationality, had been brought down around 1.9 miles inside Turkish air space.


Amid speculation that the drone was Russian, Moscow said all its planes in Syriahad safely returned to base and all its drones were operating “as planned”r, the RIA Novosti news agency reported.


Two Russian jets violated Turkish air space earlier this month, bringing the Syrian conflict across Nato’s borders. Turkey has warned it would respond if the violations continue.


The Russian air force officially informed the Turkish military about the earleir violations on Thursday, saying it would take to prevent a repetition.


Turkey has also reported unidentified aircraft and Syria-based missile air defence systems harassing its warplanes.


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