Files of protesters met near the Parliament of Moldova, where is situated a tent city set by the left-of-center opposition, began a several thousand strong rally.




Protests in Chisinau are organized by two opposition political formations — the Socialists Party (MDBGS) and «Our Party» (OP). The opposition intends to block the entrances and exits of the Legislative Assembly while the MPs won’t conclude on the resignation of the speaker Andrian Candu, the Prime Minister Valery Strelets and President Nicolae Timofti.


Protesters hold modern national flags and banners of the medieval Moldova. Usatyy urged protesters not to yield to provocations. «I call to remain calm, not to be fed to provocations. Our actions will depend on whether the resignation will follow or not», — he said.


At the moment, in the opposition camp is holding a rally. Protesters chant «Moldova!», «Down with the oligarchs» and «resignation».


The faction of the Socialist Party is in parliament, where is holding the plenary session of the Legislative Assembly. They plan to convey the opposition’s demands to their colleagues from other parties.