Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that Russia’s involvement in Syria rests on its commitment to «preserving» the Syrian statehood and denied claims that it was supporting Assad’s so called «terrorist» campaign, in Moscow, Tuesday.


SOT, Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson (Russian): «The Russian Embassy in Damascus was attacked on the 13th of October and we informed you about it through our Embassy. The attack was carried out on the background of egregious, I cannot find another word to describe it, anti-Russian information propaganda. This campaign was unfolded against Russia and Russian aerospace forces that are fighting international terrorists in Syria. We expect that yesterday’s shelling which almost turned into tragedy will lead people to think, especially who accuse Russia in shelling indiscriminately. The question is what results are wanted by those who are deploying this information campaign?»


SOT, Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson (Russian): «We always hear that Russia must not support Assad because he is exactly the cause of increasing terrorist activities in Syria. Regarding our support of Assad, we have commented a long time ago that we do not support Assad, the main thing to us is to save Syrian statehood.»


SOT, Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson (Russian): «During intensive contacts with Damascus, international and regional partners we emphasised that there is no alternative to political settlement of the Syrian crisis through the extensive dialogue based on the Geneva communique of June 30, 2012.»