About 9000 people in Dresden gathered on Monday night at the protest organized by supporters of anti-Islamic movement «European patriots against the Islamization of the Old World» (PEGIDA) and carried gallows through the city.




On PEGIDA’s organized action near the building of the Dresden State Opera came over 9000 people. At the same time in the center of Dresden was organized manifestation by their opponents, but there came only about 250 people.


Between political opponents occurred verbal skirmishes, but police managed to prevent a collision.


PEGIDA demonstrators chanted slogans calling to evict all migrants from the country and send German Chancellor Angela Merkel to resign. According to Der Spiegel, as the visual agitation to the rally were brought handmade gallows on which was written — «reserved for Angela Merkel» and «reserved for Sigmar Gabriel» — Vice-Chancellor of Germany.