In Syria, government and Russian Air Forces are continuing their offensive at the «Islamic state» positions. ISIS terrorists bear heavy losses and flee, leaving a large number of weapons and ammunition at their former places of dislocation.


Syrian troops have been successful on many fronts. Powerful fire damage from the air is combined with the skillful concentrated usage of missile and artillery weapons. As a result of successful operations, troops liberated the villages north of Hama: Kafr Nabudda, Atshan and Kabibat.


According to the General Staff, was killed a large number of terrorists, captured many units of armored vehicles and ammunition depots. In addition, Russian MFS managed to destroy 5 vehicles equipped with machine guns and three anti-tank BGM-71 TOW in the American equipment, and «shots» to them stored in an underground warehouse.


Also were destroyed command posts, ammunition depots in settlements Maaret-Nuaman, Sirakib, Heesch, Mahmabil, Tall Tour. In addition were also destroyed 20 vehicles transporting terrorists.