Individuals who were arrested Sunday on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack in Moscow had been trained in ISIL camps, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) said Monday.





They planned to commit a terror attack in the Russian capital’s public transportation, the service added.


At least 11 suspects could be involved in the terror attack plot.


«During the interrogation of two detainees it was found out that they planned to carry out a terrorist attack on the public transportation in Moscow. Bandit underground provided them with money and gave them improvised explosive devices to organize and carry out a terror attack.»



A source in Russia’s National Counter-Terrorist Committee told the outlet Moskovsky Komsomolets earlier they had seized a group of 15 people in downtown Moscow, adding that an improvised explosive device had been found and defused in the suspects’ hideout.


Of the 15 detainees, 12 are from the North Caucasus, including Chechnya, and three are Syrian citizens, the source said.