Residents of Lower Austria Johannes and Markus Riegler in the year of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in World War II at their own expense erected a monument to Soviet soldiers and French prisoner of war. One of the Austrians had witnessed their deaths.




According to the organizer of memorial’s opening ceremony Johannes Hagenhofer, the idea of putting such a monument belonged to his younger brother — Marcus. He is an engineer and designed the memorial, as well as participated in the construction work.


The ceremony was attended by not only family members, many locals and regional authorities, but also by the representatives of Russian and French embassies in Austria. «This monument should become a token of gratitude of Riegler family as sign of reconciliation», — said Hagenhofer.


Born in 1938, Johannes Riegler worked all his life farming in the same place where he was born. During the war, in his family also lived three French prisoners of war, Gustav Ferdinand, Henry Sottey and worker from Ukraine Olga. In March 1945, a fragment of an airplane wing killed trying to hide Frenchman Sottey. At the crash site was found used in the Soviet Air Force American bomber B-25, the pilot and the passengers burnt on the spot. They were buried there as well.