ISIS terrorists promise to execute 180 Christian Assyrians if they won’t get $12 million. This was reported today by the representative of the Assyrian community in Syria.


According to him, the prisoners were captured by terrorists in late February in the Syrian province of Al-Hasaka.


The representative of the community also reported that three of the Assyrians had already been executed. Militants have killed them in the celebration of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha (24-25 September), and then published the video with the execution in the network.


Representatives of the Syrian Church have already appealed to international organizations. They called to rescue the Christians captured by terrorists.


Recall that in late February, the militants of the «Islamic state» suddenly attacked Assyrian villages, which are located in the northeast of Syria. According to various estimates terrorists had captured between 200 and 300 civilians. Dozens of Christians have been killed. Also, militants destroyed several churches.