The Syrian army has liquidated more than 100 militants in the northwest and central Syria, reports Sana agency, with reference to the military.


According to the agency, 77 militants were killed or wounded in the province of Hama since the beginning of the military operation two days ago. According to military sources, in the town of Kafr Zeit were destroyed five cars, including fitted with a machine gun and three cars in the city of Tallet al-Sayad.


In the province of Aleppo have been eliminated 50 militants and destroyed six vehicles with machine guns.
In Syria since March 2011 continuing an armed conflict, in which, according to the UN, were killed more than 220 thousand people. Government troops confronting militias belong to various armed groups. The most active fighters are from extremist groups «Islamic State» (IS) and «Al-Nusra Dzhebhat».


Last Wednesday, the Syrian army has announced the beginning of large-scale military operation on the border provinces of Hama and Idlib. Before the start of infantry offensive, terrorist positions were being fired from the MLRS «Grad» and guns of different calibers.


South African Ambassador in Moscow Riad Haddad said the Syrian army offensive started simultaneously with Russian air strikes on positions of «Islamic state».