The meeting, attended by about 300 farmers protesting against lifting the moratorium on land saling, held on Thursday in front of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in Kiev. In Ukraine is acting the moratorium on agricultural land selling. It is set to 2016. Farmers fear that with the abolition of the moratorium their lands could be bought for next to nothing by big businessmen.




Protesters have set sound-amplifying equipment in front of the parliament building and urge deputies to prevent lifting of the moratorium. If a law abolishing the moratorium will be adopted, the protesters claim to create proper legal framework to regulate the land market.


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In addition, near the Rada about 50 representatives of the so-called «fiscal Maidan» are holding a rally as well demanding the signing by the parliament speaker Volodymyr Groisman law on the restructuring of foreign currency consumer loans.




Demonstrations are held peacefully and without disturbance of public order. But the protesters said they won’t go until their requirements fill the bill.


Heavy political crisis affecting the economy and the public sector in Ukraine. In fact, the country is on the brink of default. Unemployment is growing, the national currency fell by more than tripled for the year. As a result, according to the Ministry of Finance, in January 2015 the average salary in the country amounted to 3455 hryvnia, or about $160. This is one of the lowest in Europe. The last IMF forecast of Ukraine’s economy in 2015: the decline in GDP of 9%, inflation at 46%.