Police have announced that patrols will be increased in the vicinity of centres housing asylum seekers following an arson attempt at a facility in the town of Lammi.




Police in the Häme region upgraded surveillance in the vicinity of centres housing asylum seekers after an attempted arson attack against one such facility in Kouvola in September.


This did not, however, prevent what one eyewitness described as three people dressed in black from approaching one of the buildings housing the Lammi asylum reception centre in the early hours of Wednesday.


A bottle petrol bomb was thrown at the block of flats, but did not penetrate the doubled-glazed windows that it struck.


Chief Inspector Martti Hirvonen of the Häme Police told Yle that the incident will be investigated carefully and to the full extent of the resources available to his department.


Police urge calm


Police cars will be seen more often on patrol in Lammi.


«We will try to prevent these kinds of attacks by increasing patrols and surveillance in the area day and night,» Chief Inspector Hirvonen pledged.


According to Hirvonen, the police presence was upgraded already after last month’s attempted arson in Kouvola.


«Incidents have been analyzed. As more of these reception centres and emergency housing units have been opened, we have attempted to patrol these areas more and prevent further incidents of this type as well as other breaches of the peace,» he added.


Chief Inspector Hirvonen also expressed the hope that the public will remain calm.


«Stay cool with refugees and asylum seekers. We have to get along with them. The authorities are doing their best to keep the situation under control.»