The situation in Syria doesn’t turn into a large-scale conflict between the US and Russia. This was said by the White House spokesman Josh Ernest on Tuesday. 


«President Barack Obama has made it clear that the situation in Syria will not go into the so-called «indirect war» between the US and Russia», — quotes RIA «News» Ernest’s words.


However, the White House spokesman said that «for Russia are concerns about a deeper involvement in the Syrian conflict». In his opinion, Moscow could face a «diplomatic demarche of the world community».


«Serious adverse effects with which Russia is facing now may result in any options of diplomatic demarche from the rest of the world community», — said the White House spokesman, without specifying precisely which of «Russia’s actions» in Syria are issued.


Meanwhile, Ernest repeated the view that in Russia there are a «sufficiently large Muslim community», which may not approve the fact that Moscow does airstrikes on Syrian Muslims.


Recall that in late September, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the «Islamic State» organization includes terrorists from around the world, and it as different as chalk from cheese.