Tens of thousands of trades unionists and people showing their discontentment about the right-wing Michel government took to the streets of Brussels from around 11am in order to arrive at the South Station a couple of hours later. They were expected to start around 11:30, but due to the many people flocking to the North Station to assemble, this was advanced to 11 o’clock, it can be heard. The action is aimed against the «indigestible» policy agreement adopted by the Charles Michel government that was installed one year ago.




Protesters are walking from the North Station to the South Station partly via the inner ring road (Rogier, Kruidtuin) in order to continue through boulevards and avenues including Pachecolaan, Berlaimont, Keizerslaan, Cellebroerstraat and Lemonnier. It is advised to avoid the area between noon and 3pm.


The demonstration is supported by the country’s 3 largest unions (the Christian union ACV (green colour), the socialist union ABVV (red) and the liberal ACLVB (blue)). They receive the support from the civil platform ‘Hart Boven Hard’ which called on supporters to come to Brussels wearing a special cap.


Trades unions are angry about what they call the «indigestible policy agreement» that was adopted last year by the first right-wing Charles Michel government. «Employees and those receiving social benefits only have crumbs left after 1 year under the new government», a joint statement says.


Trades unions demand improved purchasing power, a tax shift that includes a fair share of the burden for the rich, and job schemes to get the vulnerable groups in society at work. 







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