The hotel, which is home to the Yemeni Vice-President Khaled Baja, was attacked from grenade dispensers in Aden. It is reported by Al Arabiya.


«Hotel in Aden, where stopped Vice President of Yemen, was attacked from grenade dispensers», — said the publication in its Twitter.


The shelling of the hotel «Al Qasr», which is the temporary residence of Yemen Vice-President, killed 18 people mostly soldiers, reports RT Arabic.


Later was received an information that Khaled Baja wasn’t injured in the attack. This was reported by a source in the government of Yemen.


According to Sky News Arabic, citing a source, the seat of government is located in Aden, the Yemeni region of Brega, has undergone under a massive fire, which triggered a fire. It is noted that the building was fired three shells. There are victims among the civilian population.