Polish Ambassador in Moscow Katarzyna Pełczyński-Nałęcz said that Poland is ready to cooperate on the issue of 800 thousand Soviet soldiers’ burial in the country, but now Russia hasn’t responded to Warsaw’s offer.


The ambassador noted that in Poland is given a great importance to dignified commemoration of people:


«Poland surrounds with great respect, including the Soviet soldiers who fought and who died or were taken prisoners».


The ambassador said that 800 thousand Soviet soldiers dead in the Nazi camp in Poland and still didn’t worthy to perpetuate them:


«800 thousand is a huge number, and we are ready to cooperate that those 800 thousand people were also buried in a dignified manner in the territory of Poland».


She stressed that the Warsaw voiced this proposal:


«We are ready to cooperate, and we consider it’s important that those people must be remembered, and they deserve to be buried, and that this issue must be resolved».