66% of Ukrainians believe that the situation in the country is developing in the wrong direction, while 16.7% consider it as right.


The survey was conducted in the framework of monitoring of citizens attitude to reforms and assessed the situation in the country as well as prospects for its development in the near future. According to the poll, this index remained practically unchanged for 2015.


The survey results are about the same as in 2013. Nevertheless, the proportion of those who believe that the situation in the country is developing in the right direction, is now considerably less than it was immediately after the power changing in Ukraine in March 2014. Then it was 32.3%.


18.7% of respondents have an opinion that Ukraine is able to overcome the difficulties in the next few years. 43.6% believe that the country will solve the problems in the longer term, 22% — never able to overcome the difficulties.


23.1% of respondents believe that the economy will collapse. According to the survey, citizens appreciate the intensity of reforms implementation in the country as low, medium appraisal of reforms in most areas on a scale (from 1 to 10) most often in the range of 2-3 points.


In general, respondents almost don’t feel the impact of reforms on their position.


Respondents were also asked whether they agree to suffer financial difficulties. 10.1% responded that they «are willing to tolerate, as necessary, if it does lead to success of the country», 28.4% — «for some time ready to suffer, but not for long (not more than a year)», 26.7% — are not ready, because they don’t believe in the success of the reforms, 29.5% — are not ready due to the fact that their financial situation is already unbearable.


Those figures haven’t changed much since May 2015.


The study was conducted by the Razumkov Center, supported by the Swedish government from 12 to 19 September. They were interviewed 2008 respondents aged 18 years in the sample, representing the adult population of Ukraine. Theoretical sampling error (excluding design effect) is less than 2.3% with a probability of 0.95.