BEIRUT, (TASS) Oct. 5 — Militants of the terrorist group «Islamic State» (IS) destroyed the ancient Arc de Triomphe in the Syrian city of Palmyra. This was reported by the Lebanese newspaper «As-Safir».




According to it, terrorists used «a large amount of explosives». Arch has been dated to II BC and was on the main shopping street. It consisted of three parts, the height of the main arch was 20 meters.


Palmyra was one of the richest cities in the late Antiquity, being located in the oasis of the Syrian Desert between Damascus and the Euphrates, 240 km north-east of the first, and 140 km from the second. The ruins of Palmyra recognized by UNESCO as the World Heritage.


It was captured by the Islamists on May 21, this year, after which the media reported that militants have mined the city. The Syrian authorities are afraid that unique complex can repeat the sad fate of the Iraqi city of Ashur, Nimrud and Hatra (Al-Khadr) destroyed by militants.