According to the source, the terrorists fled from the Russian air strikes.




About three thousand militants of «Islamic State», «Al-Nusra Dzhebhat» and «Jaish al-Yarmouk» groups left Syria and went to Jordan to avoid a large-scale offensive of the Syrian army, reports RIA «News» with reference to the source.


«Not less than three thousand fighters from the IS, «Nusra» and «Jaish al-Yarmouk» fled to Jordan. They are afraid of activating the army on all fronts and are afraid of Russian airstrikes», — he said.


He also noted that the militants have taken this decision after the army bombed positions in the suburbs of Damascus, in the provinces of Deir ez-Zor and Homs, as well as in the area of Palmyra.


Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that after Russian air strikes about 600 ISIS militants fled to Europe.