An organized group of refugees entered the Eurotunnel from the French side. Railway communication will be restored not earlier than a few hours. Police are searching for illegal immigrants that are still on the tracks.


Movement of trains on Eurotunnel under the English Channel on the site from the French port of Calais to the British Folkestone suspended because of the penetration of refugees into tunnel. This on Saturday, October 3, reported the Sky News television channel referring to the representative of the operating company.  


According to him, «coordinated group of migrants» more than 100 people broke through the fence at the entrance to the tunnel from the French side. Offenders were «well organized» and «imagine well the destination», said the representative of the company, bearing in mind that the action has clearly planned character.


The movement of trains will be restored not earlier than in a few hours.


Passenger and cargo delivery under the English Channel temporarily suspended «until further notice» for security reasons, said Sky News. According to the channel, there’re no trains in the tunnel. Railway communication can be restored not earlier than after a few hours due to the large number of migrants that are still on the tracks. The British side is working closely with the French police to resolve the situation.