Poland could receive between EUR 6,000 and 10,000 for each refugee it takes from the Middle East, but experts say asylum seekers could get very little of this.


Lesbos island, Greece


“Money [from the EU] goes to the state budget,” said Ewa Piechota from the Office for Foreigners, adding that the funds are compensation for expenses footed by European states who accept refugees.


Asylum seekers will receive the same benefits presently being given to other foreigners awaiting refugee status.


Piechota explained that if refugees are staying at an asylum centre, they may receive a monthly allowance of PLN 70 (USD 18.6, EUR 16.5).


This money is meant for the purchase of personal hygiene items.


“Persons who are not resident and do not feed at a refugee center, can obtain money to support themselves, until they receive refugee status, which allows them to work legally,” the expert said.


“The sum [of money] depends on the number of family members. Until they obtain permission for permanent residence, a single refugee living outside of the centre receives PLN 750 (USD 198.9, EUR 176.4) per month.”


Radio Poland