On Wednesday morning, the Syrian Army, together with the forces of the Syrian militia ousted the ISIL* militants from Christian town in the eastern surrounding area of Homs — during bloody fighting the city is completely freed from extremists.


With the forces of 550th Brigade of the Syrian Armed Forces 18th Panzer Division and militias forces was prevented the disposal of militants from Al-Jabal Farakla to the northeast, allowing the counteroffensive to retake the city.


As a result of long and bloody battles that lasted all night, the Syrian Arab army restored the security in Harran al-Favarra.


According to the Homs authorities, Syria’s loss amounted to 18, while the loss of extremists is 40, including a well-known Tunisian warlord.




*ISIL (The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) — prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist organization.