Several dozen of refugees involved in the protest near the police station of the Finnish city of Oulu, claiming that the quality of the food they’re feed with, is not satisfactory, reports broadcasting company Yle referring to the Iltalehti newspaper.


Deputy Director of the receiving and distribution center Janne Salmi in an interview said that the refugees were fed with a «normal» Finnish food same as what is served in schools and kindergartens across the country. The deputy director noted he was not sure why the food caused discontent among the refugees.


«It’s hard to take a position (on the matter), but obviously, ordinary Finnish food is not as tasty as they expected», — said Salmi.


Company Oulun Serviisi, responsible for organizing the feeding in receiving and distribution center for refugees, told Yle, will amend the list of dishes. In particular, the menu will eliminate the porridge, add dishes of vegetables and rice will be changed to another cultivar. The company noted that refugees are fed 4 times a day with breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snack.