Doubts about the Russian Air Force strikes in Syria by the United States are «American propaganda» aimed at «discrediting the actions of Vladimir Putin», said on Thursday the French leader of «National Front» party Marine Le Pen.


Russia launched air strikes on the IS positions in Syria in response to a request from the President of the country Bashar al-Assad. At the same time the coalition led by the United States from September 2014, strikes on the IS positions in Syria bypassing the UN Security Council and doesn’t coordinate its activities with the Syrian authorities.


«The USA are involved in the propaganda war, the struggle for influence with Russia and the Russian concerns about the air strikes are aimed at discrediting the actions of Vladimir Putin», — said Le Pen in an interview on the Europe 1 TV channel. French politician explained that she is not among those who may be subjected to the influence of American propaganda.


Le Pen noted that Syrian President Bashar Assad is the head of the Syrian army, which is waging an armed struggle against the «Islamic State» group in Syria, and there are no other means to eradicate the IS but to join a broad coalition with him. According to her, the IS is a threat, including the European states. The party leader Marine Le Pen has repeatedly supported the foreign policy of Russia.


Earlier, US Secretary of State John Kerry said that the aim in Syria should be only the positions of the «Islamic state» and expressed concern that «this cannot be so». Foreign Ministry representative Maria Zakharova said that reports that Syria allegedly has civilian casualties after Russian airstrikes is a part of information war.


Terrorist group «Islamic State» today is one of the major threats to global security. In three years, the terrorists managed to capture large areas of Iraq and Syria. In addition, they are trying to spread influence to the countries of North Africa, particularly Libya. According to various estimates, the IS controlled area reaches 90 thousand square kilometers. Terrorists have announced the creation of so-called «caliphate» with their own laws and authorities. Data on the number of extremists vary — from 50 to 200 thousand fighters.


There’s no united front against the IS: the government forces of Syria and Iraq are fighting with the group, an international coalition led by the US (so far limited to air strikes) as well as the Kurds, Lebanese and Iraqi Shiite militia. As a result of fighting, hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed and several million have become refugees.