In Kherson unknown persons again attacked the office of Ukrainian President in Crimea, which is located on Ushakov avenue. This time, was blown up the front door. Explosive device detonated at 3 a.m.




Recall that for the first time this had happened a year ago — also in September. Then, unknown persons tried to set fire to the front door. After that, the administration has established surveillance on the building.


Last time the folder was hushed up, and journalists who have tried to learn more, were under pressure from the authorities.




It is an unnecessary agency, in our opinion, is engaged exclusively in accounting and statistics. At that time, when the government declares a reduction in the number of officials, two decades of civil servants «sit out in Kherson», receiving a salary and don’t produce anything.


«Office of the President in Crimea» doesn’t help the displaced, and tells all addressed where they had to go, virtually sending to hell.




From the morning near the building work police and EOD specialists. Attending the scene deputy Head of Kherson police «pravosek» Ilya Kiva said, «Now we’ll begin repressions. Let those who conceives attacks and opposition know – fight will be tough».