Putin told about talks with Obama, Russian isolation and participation of Russian army in war against ISIS


Russian President Vladimir Putin told about the results of meeting with the US president, adding that the meeting with his American colleague «was useful and very frank».


«Our relations with the United States are in a low level, but today’s meeting with Obama was very frank and useful», — said the Russian leader.


The President also pointed out the futility of trying to isolate the Russian Federation.


«Isolating Russia is impossible. To understand this, just take a look at the map».


Besides, they touched on a topic of peaceful resolution of the conflict in Donbass.


«As to US involvement in resolving the crisis in Ukraine, they are already involved, from behind», — said Vladimir Putin.


They discussed the situation in Syria, where, according to Putin, allied aviation conducting air strikes on ISIS*, but «nobody knows» about the results.


As for the probability of participation of Russian troops in the conflict, «neither of Russia’s participation in ground campaigns in Syria even can’t be told about».

*ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) — banned in the Russian Federation terrorist organization.