The commander of the US Army in Europe, Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges cited three factors that, in his opinion, may interfere NATO Allies to deal with Russia and will make them vulnerable in the case of conflict.


The first factor that negatively affects the defenses — lack of secure radio communications with the help of which US troops and their allies could safely transmit information to each other without fear of eavesdropping, reports RIA News with reference to Breaking Defense.


The second vulnerability of NATO — the lack of a common information base, which would have enabled the United States and its allies simultaneously and independently from each other to observe the operations.


The third factor — the lack of a reliable system, which would have linked the radars, artillery and military on the scene at the time of open fire order.


However, in mid-September NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg said that Russia is not a threat to NATO, since the North Atlantic Alliance has provided reliable security guarantees to the Member States.