Against the background of the migration crisis, Hungary begins to build the fence on the border with Slovenia. For the first time ever fence of barbed wire divide the countries of the Schengen zone. This writes the Deutsche Welle.




On September 24, the Hungarian authorities have started the construction of barbed wire fence on the border with Slovenia without prior notice. On the beginning of works reported the dpa and AFP news agencies.


The representative of the Hungarian government has confirmed only that Budapest has taken some «measures» due to the proximity of Slovenia to the Croatian border.


At the same time the head of the Hungarian Prime Minister Office Janos Lazar noted that the construction of the border fence with Slovenia «can not be avoided».


But in Ljubljana pointed that they weren’t informed about Budapest plans to build a fence on the common border.


It was reported that Hungary is completely cut off from Serbia, which is a candidate for EU membership. In addition, was also decided to accelerate the work on the construction of the fence at the Hungarian-Croatian border. Croatia is known as a member of the EU. But Slovenia is not only the EU member state, but also a part of the Eurozone and the Schengen area. Budapest also bears plans on the construction of border fence on the Hungarian-Romanian border.


Earlier, the Hungarian parliament approved a law that allows the government to use the army to resolve the crisis with migrants.