On September 24, Ukrainian entrepreneurs held a flashmob with pigs near the building of Petro Poroshenko’s presidential administration in Kiev, demanding from officials to cut taxes and » come off from the feeder».


As the coordinator of the action Julia Drogovoz reported, participants of the flashmob demanding the cancellation of the electronic VAT administration, because of which, from their point of view, there is excessive leaching of cash in the business.


In addition, according to the organizers, the government unreasonably increasing taxing plans, trying to cover the budget deficit.


Participants of flashmob brought to the building of the administration four pigs, written with paint «Senya, Benya, Nasirko, Yaresya».







«Shown flashmob says only one thing that «guys come off from the feeder and allow business to operate normally. You get much more in fact, you get extra taxes, provided that the business will be able to operate normally with no pressure», — commented Drogovoz.