People in «balaclavas» storm City Council in Kharkov

In Kharkov, unknown in balaclavas are storming City Council, where was holding an ordinary session.


Among the participants are people who had previously blocked the private house of Mikhail Dobkin — ex-governor, now the Verkhovna Rada deputy from the «opposition bloc».


The building of the City Council is surrounded by police officers, but 20-25 people managed to break through the ring of law enforcement officers and go inside.






The mayor Gennady Kernes adjourned the session and told reporters that the attackers asked for a meeting with him and Dobkin.


According to Kernes, unknown damaged office equipment in his waiting room.


At 12:10 p.m. on September 23, attackers left the building of the City Council and left on 5 minibuses.