On the border of Ukraine and Russia in the area of Crimea continues unlimited food blockade, initiated by the leaders of the unregistered organization «Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people».


Despite the FSB of the Russian Federation warnings from that in the ranks of heavy trucks drivers, who didn’t allow to pass, is brewing a rebellion, the Kiev authorities have assured that the situation on the border is calm and there is no cause for alarm.


At night, to the Crimean checkpoints were pulled special forces, built two additional lines of defense, coordination headquarters is working at checkpoint. This was stated by the deputy police chief of the Kherson region Ilya Kiva in the broadcast of the «112 Ukraine» TV channel.


According to him, the situation is «fundamentally changed» — left only few dozen of cars. «In  «Chaplinka» left 49 cars. Other drivers were convinced to turn around and go inland, in order not to create traffic jams and conflicts with the protesters», — said the deputy chief of police.